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The prophet Alejandra Quirós was called by the Lord to the ministry 27 years ago, almost since her conversion. Over the past 20 years, he has developed an international ministry in Central, North and South America, Europe, Asia and some regions of the Middle East, where he has served in the area of ​​prophetic intercession. He has established training schools in the area of ​​strategic and prophetic spiritual warfare and schools of ministerial and prophetic character development so that the Lord's people can acquire activation within this anointing. Thousands of people have been trained, prepared, and taught through your ministry.


He has participated in congresses, seminars, and trainings around the world, as well as has received international recognition from government authorities for the work carried out in different countries. His ministry thus far has reached more than 35 nations. Alejandra Quirós holds a Master's Degree in Pastoral Ministry from the Latin University of California, a Doctorate from the Institute for the Development of Ministry, and a Bachelor's Degree in Practical Word Ministry.


Ordained to the magisterial office and to the ministry of the prophet. He has written 8 books on the prophetic and spiritual warfare theme. He has led different mobilizations of apostolic and intercession teams in different parts of the world, also erecting massive adoration altars over some nations.


Together with her husband they apostolically lead a network of prophetic ministries and daughter churches in different nations. Currently, his ministry is under the umbrella of Apostle Chuck Pierce of Glory of Zion Church in Dallas, Texas, United States.



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