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The book "The Shofar: A Prophetic Generation" speaks of an analogy between the Shofar and the prophetic voice of a prophetic generation that is being raised with a governmental anointing, so that its decree is irrevocable. Just as God speaks to Isaiah in Isaiah 58: 1 about the trumpet as something similar to the voice, this book explains what the Shofar is, and therefore, what this prophetic generation is. This generation is being raised in the nations of the earth, to declare what is in the heart of the Father and to prepare the way of the Lord. We can see things rising in the spirit world that only a generation with a prophetic and apostolic authority and anointing can overthrow. We are the Shofar of God, and now more than ever we must rise up as brave men and women. The Prophetic Generation rises in the world!

The Shofar: A Prophetic Generation

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